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SB&C, Ltd. Is Your Solution

Just as no two accounts are alike, no two businesses are either. We provide customized recovery strategies and unique solutions tailored by an active understanding of our client's business needs and culture. Our goal is to always make sure we exceed our client's expectations.

We remove the burden of costly collection efforts by offering this service on a contingent fee basis. We only get paid if we recover your account!

We maintain a network of attorneys who are experienced in collecting past-due accounts through the legal process, and we handle all necessary legal action on your behalf. From the preparation of legal documents to final judgment and execution, our attorneys take care of all account litigation. After the judgment is obtained, we will file liens, attach assets, and issue garnishments to collect your money.

Our specialized software, designed for the accounts receivable industry, allows us to:

  • Perform and track, written and verbal contacts

  • Obtain current location information through skip-tracing resources

  • Manage credit reporting

  • Quickly and easily provide detailed reports

  • Recover accounts at optimal levels

SB&C, Ltd.'s commitment to personal service distinguishes us from our competitors. We have a dedicated Client Services team who will be responsive to your business needs.

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Services We Offer

Consumer Collections
We specialize in the recovery of consumer debt, and primarily service accounts in the Medical, Dental, Financial, Government, Retail, and Professional Services industries. However, no matter what industry you are in, we can help.

Commercial Collections
When a business begins to have problems paying their primary business associates and vendors, it may be a sign of trouble. We can help! We will pursue all legally responsible parties, bonds, and insurance to recover your claim. SB&C, Ltd. has a dedicated division to serving commercial clients.

We provide monthly billings, payment reminders, payment processing, and collection referral letters (if necessary) on your behalf. You can set up a payment arrangement with your consumer, and we will monitor it for you. With a strong pre-collect program, you will recover more of your monies up front, and reduce your bad debt write-off. The cost of this service is provided on a customized basis.

Billing Services
SB&C, Ltd. will perform your billing service for you, saving you hours over doing it in-house. You’ll be relieved of the hassle/cost of printer supplies & repairs, paper jams, postage maintenance & operation, and more. Our professional staff, and efficient processes, will be a huge benefit to your business. The cost of this service is provided on a customized basis.

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact us.

Selecting an Agency - Where do you Start?

Choosing a professional collection agency to manage your delinquent accounts and other related tasks is a wise decision. You want an agency that will represent your organization in a responsible and professional manner to maintain your public image, while providing you with increased recovery rates. The decision involves more than just giving your business to the lowest bidder--it requires careful consideration. We invite you to take a closer look at SB&C—we guarantee you will like what you see!

Choosing an

Let´s Work Together

When businesses grant credit, they inevitably face accounts receivable deficiencies. Those businesses must decide what to do with their past-due accounts. SB&C provides valuable services resulting in lower operational costs for our clients, and reducing their need to pass along these costs to other consumers. Working with us makes sense. To learn more, contact us.

We Take Compliance Very Seriously

We comply with all laws and regulations governing our industry. We protect all client and consumer information entrusted to us.

Laws -  We are HIPAA compliant, FDCPA compliant, FCRA compliant, TCPA compliant

Policies - The internal policies of SB&C, Ltd. adhere to the best practices and standards of our industry.

Client Directives  -  We listen to our clients, and perform our work according to their culture. Our goal is always to make sure the client is represented in the best manner, taking care to treat both client and consumer with the utmost respect.

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Client Services Direct Line

Toll Free: (877) 336 - 5766
Toll Free: (877) 336 - 5766
Phone: (360) 336 - 5766
Phone: (360) 336 - 5766

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